Public Debates/Events

The Bard Debate Union hosts public debates and events on campus to foster public discourse about difficult topics. We use different formats of debate for different events – sometimes a formal long-table format is used and other times a more informal round-table format is used. Our aim is always the same – to take controversial and heated topics, present both sides in a respectful, researched, and reasoned manner, and to encourage discussion and debate among our audience members. There are no winners and losers in our public debates – the goal is simply to get our community members thinking and sometimes even to change their minds. We often link up our public debates with other important events on campus (the Hannah Arendt Center Conference, Family Weekend, Open House) so as to try to integrate debate into the fabric of Bard’s public engagement. We often involve faculty members in our debates as well as invite other schools to debate against us. For a list of this year’s public debates and events, click the “Events Calendar” tab!

Bard – West Point Debate (Oct 2014)