Bard College attends CEDA Nationals for the First Time since 2008! (March 22-26, 2012)

Four policy debaters (John Jeworski, Sam Jaffe-Goldstein, Anna Daniszewski, and Max Taylor-Milner) traveled with coach, Ruth Zisman, and student coach, Michael Luxemburg, to CEDA Nationals (the annual national championship held by the Cross Examination Debate Association; known by many as ‘The People’s Tournament) in Norman Oklahoma this past weekend. The University of Oklahoma was hosting the tournament for the second time in 5 years, so they put on quite a show! With absolutely beautiful weather, classrooms, and debate morale, everyone had a wonderful time. While we did not win as many debates as we may have liked, it was an excellent showing for our first tournament back on the national policy debate circuit. We had many close rounds and much enlightening feedback from our judges which made the tournament, above all, a learning experience for us all. With this tournament over, the policy debate team has completed its 2011-2012 travel schedule and has already started making plans for next year! Congratulations to the entire Bard policy debate team for getting policy debate started at Bard again this year after a three year hiatus. And what a come-back it was, with awards at every single tournament they attended! Go Bard Debate!

Bard at CEDA Nationals 2012!

Ruth and Anna at CEDA Nationals 2012!